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Probation Revocation And Motions To Adjudicate Probation

Fight Alleged Probation Violations And Maintain Your Freedom

Probation, whether as part of a suspended sentence or a deferred adjudication program, allows you to stay out of jail. However, any minor slip-up while on probation can mean spending years behind bars.

If you are facing a motion to revoke or adjudicate probation that alleges you violated the terms of your probation, work with an experienced criminal defense attorney. Keith Gore will use his nearly 20 years of criminal defense experience in North Texas to fight for your freedom. A former judge and prosecutor, he understands the arguments that will be made against you and how to respond.

No Matter How ‘Minor,’ A Probation Violation Can Have Serious Consequences

When you are on probation, there will likely be several conditions that you have to meet throughout the length of your suspended sentence. If you successfully complete the program, you will not have to go to jail. If you violate your probation, a judge could restore the original sentence, which could mean going back to jail.

Some common violations that can lead to probation revocation include:

  • Getting arrested for a different crime
  • Failing to meet with your probation officer or make scheduled court dates
  • Failing or not taking mandatory drug tests
  • Failing to maintain employment
  • Associating with criminals
  • Violating travel restrictions such as a prohibition on leaving the county or state
  • Not completing community service hours
  • Not taking or successfully completing classes, like the DWI education course, the DWI Victim Impact Panel (VIP), drug offender education program, Moral Reconation Therapy (MRT) and others.

Contesting a probation violation will be similar to fighting the original charges. Keith Gore will conduct an in-depth investigation into the allegations and gather his own evidence to ensure your rights are secure.

Do Not Compromise When Your Freedom Is On The Line

Keith Gore knows how important your freedom is. As a veteran of more than 100 state and federal criminal trials, he knows how to fight and get positive results for his clients. Learn more about how he can fight for you. Schedule a consultation by calling his office in McKinney, Texas, at 972-529-2220.

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