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Domestic Violence

Experienced Domestic Violence Defense Lawyer

Understanding the courts and all the players in your criminal case can change your outcome. While Texas law is the same in every city, town and county, the way each domestic violence case is handled may be different.

If you’ve been accused of domestic violence or assault family violence, having Keith Gore on your side means your defense is in the hands of an experienced, dedicated criminal defense lawyer. Keith Gore knows the Texas criminal justice system inside and out. He can protect your rights.

The Consequences of a Domestic Violence Conviction

Some consequences in criminal court are all too familiar. Things like fines and time spent in jail are easy to understand, if hard to bear. Other consequences may depend on your situation. A domestic violence conviction can cost you your job or your entire career.

Any profession that requires a license could potentially use a DV conviction to take that license away. Teachers, nurses, school counselors and others should consider whether a domestic violence conviction is something they can risk.

Like many criminal charges, domestic violence accusations can also put your right to own a gun at risk. Whether you want to own a gun for self-defense or to go hunting with your friends or family, you can lose this right if you are convicted.

Domestic violence convictions can also threaten your rights under immigration law. Convictions carry stiff consequences for people seeking a green card or working in the U.S. under a visa. If you get a domestic violence conviction, you could face removal (deportation).

Finally, domestic violence can carry harsh consequences in the realm of family law. It’s not uncommon for these allegations to come during or just before divorce or child custody battles. If you’re convicted on a domestic violence charge, you won’t be eligible for sole managing conservatorship (sole custody), or primary conservatorship (primary custody) of your kids. You can easily find yourself frozen out of your children’s lives if your case goes badly.

Why Keith Gore?

Choosing an attorney to represent you when your future is on the line is not an easy decision. When it comes to defense against domestic violence charges, you need someone with vast experience in criminal defense and family law. Keith Gore has the experience you need.

In practice since 1998, Keith Gore has served as a prosecutor, criminal defense attorney, and municipal court judge over his career. He currently practices in criminal defense and family law. There’s no criminal case too complex for Keith Gore. From start to finish, he can provide you with a strong defense, tailored to your situation.

Contact Domestic Violence Attorney Keith Gore Today

The best approach to your case depends on more than simply understanding the charges against you. Your goals matter. The facts of your case matter. The court you’re charged in matters. The sooner you have an experienced lawyer on your side, the better your chances of presenting a successful defense. Contact Keith Gore today by email or by calling 972-853-9686.

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