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Moving Forward From Divorce

Are you having a tough time envisioning what your future will look like after divorce? The process of disentangling everything from property to finances and setting up a workable, fair visitation schedule for children can be overwhelming. How do you get from point A, making the decision or moving out — to point B, a final divorce order? Bring in help from a family law attorney skilled in dealing with conflict and with a track record of fighting for client rights.

Keith Gore, Lawyer, is a McKinney-based firm with a mission to protect the rights of clients whether they have been accused of crimes or are going through contentious family law disputes. Not every attorney has trial experience. While it is never ideal to go to court, in many cases it is necessary to protect your future. Keith Gore is your divorce lawyer for these times.

From Hidden Assets To Unreasonable Demands

Texas is a community property state. This means that property obtained during the marriage belongs to both spouses and must be divided. Separate property can be kept. This distinction can cause issues if formerly separate property is commingled during the marriage.

When things are not going well in a relationship, a spouse may even take steps in anticipation of divorce. A business that had been thriving might appear to fall on hard times, and money might be funneled into a secret bank account or offshore holdings. It can take the skill of a forensic accountant to uncover why money disappeared.

On the other hand, demands for significant spousal support or overly restrictive conditions tied to child custody may indicate a settlement cannot be reached without court intervention.

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If you are facing divorce in North Texas, get sound legal counsel. When conflicts escalate don’t delay, learn how Keith Gore can help you by calling 972-853-9686 or by email.

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