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Criminal Defense in Denton and The Colony

Experienced Criminal Defense Lawyer Serving Denton and The Colony

The communities around Lewisville Lake, from Denton on one side to The Colony on the other, are policed aggressively. Sometimes, too aggressively. Anyone who is arrested or charged with a crime in these communities needs to find a criminal defense lawyer who knows the area and is familiar with local police practices.

Keith Gore has been serving clients in Denton, The Colony, Lewisville, Highland Village, Little Elm, and surrounding areas since 1999. He helps people fight criminal charges, stay out of jail, and protect their good names. Reputation matters in these communities, and Keith will do everything he can to protect yours.

Defending Adults and Juveniles in Denton, The Colony, and Surrounding Areas

With more than 25 years of legal experience, including time as a prosecutor and a judge, Keith Gore has the skills and knowledge to protect both adults and minors in Denton County. Call him if you are accused of:

  • Misdemeanor assault, felony assault, or domestic violence
  • Possession of marijuana or other drugs, selling drugs, or any other drug crime
  • Drunk driving (DWI), breath test refusal, and related offenses
  • Sex crimes, such as indecency with a child, child pornography, continuous sexual abuse of a child, solicitation, and other offenses
  • Possession, assault, burglary, and any other juvenile offense

Defense Against Federal Criminal Charges

Violations of federal law are heard in federal court, where rules and procedures differ from state and county courts. If you are facing federal charges stemming from an incident in Denton County or anywhere else in North Texas, you must retain a defense attorney who regularly works in federal court.

Attorney Keith Gore appears in federal court frequently on behalf of clients from Denton, Lewisville, The Colony, and surrounding areas. Keith can help you protect yourself at every step, including during the investigation phase.

Federal authorities typically spend a great deal of time investigating, so it is in your best interest to talk to Keith as soon as you believe you’re the target of an investigation. The earlier you involve an attorney, the better.

Keith has successfully defended clients in federal court in cases involving:

Contact an Experienced Defense Lawyer Serving Denton and The Colony

If you find yourself on the wrong side of the law in Denton County, the time to act is now. Call Keith Gore for an evaluation of your case at 972-529-2220 Or, send Keith a message. If you or a loved one are in jail, Keith can visit and consult with you there.

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