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The Texas criminal law system may seem complicated and daunting, especially if you have a clean criminal record. You need a zealous advocate to guide you through the process and to protect your rights.

Keith Gore, Lawyer, will help you prepare your case, explaining each step, so you aren’t taken by surprise when you walk into the courthouse. He has over 19 years of experience in criminal courts in Collin County and throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex and North Texas. He will go the extra mile to maximize the likelihood of a favorable outcome. He can help with matters like:

Preparing For Trial From Day One

It isn’t enough to go in and see what plea bargain the district attorney will offer you. To maximize the likelihood of success, you and your criminal defense attorney need to be ready for trial. Keith Gore prepares for trial from day one, developing your case, investigating possible defenses and getting everything ready to go to the jury. If a deal is appropriate, all that work puts extra pressure on prosecuting attorneys to give you a better bargain, because they know if they don’t, Keith Gore is ready and willing to go to trial for you.

There Is No Such Thing As A Small Case. Keith Gore Will Fight For You.

Keith Gore refuses to take a cookie-cutter approach to criminal defense. No matter how “small” a case may be to the courts, it is still a big deal in your life. You deserve personalized, in-depth representation that takes nothing for granted.

Don’t walk into a Texas county courthouse wondering what’s going to happen to you. If you are facing state criminal charges, contact Keith Gore today. He’ll walk beside you and give you the best defense experience can prepare. Call his office in McKinney, Texas, today at 972-853-9686.

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