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Federal Drug Charges

Experienced Representation To Fight Federal Drug Charges

When the federal government is involved in drug charges, it’s a big deal. Most charges for possession, delivery and manufacture of controlled substances are handled on the state and local level. When the federal government gets involved, the stakes get a lot higher.

Federal Drug Charges

Many drug charges can be brought at either the state or federal level. When you are facing federal drug charges, it is often because there is more than one state involved or because of the quantity of drugs involved. Sometimes, the federal government will bring charges against someone dealing smaller amounts of drugs if prosecutors believe they could get information about larger operations by doing so.

Federal Drug Sentencing

Federal drug sentencing depends on the type and quantity of controlled substance involved. Federal law sets mandatory minimum sentences for different kinds of charges. When trafficking is at issue, those mandatory minimums start at five years.

The mandatory minimum sentences make it essential that federal defendants hire a criminal defense attorney who isn’t just looking to settle. Keith Gore is acutely aware of the effects of any federal drug conviction. He starts every case with trial in mind. That means he won’t settle for a conviction that puts your liberty at undue risk.

Constitutional Defenses

Federal drug cases have some of the most common constitutional law defenses. Police, DEA officers and other investigators have specific rules they must follow when it comes to searching people, cars and homes. Another set of rules protect defendants’ Fifth Amendment right not to incriminate themselves. When those rules are violated, it can create evidence issues and constitutional defenses.

Federal drug defense attorney Keith Gore knows how to use these defenses to his clients’ advantage. He will fight to protect your constitutional rights. He will demand disclosure of police video or records to investigate any possible constitutional defenses.

Conspiracy Charges And Negotiations

The sale of drugs is rarely a solo operation. Often, federal prosecutors will charge defendants with conspiracy crimes, claiming that they worked together to distribute illegal drugs. In some conspiracy cases, one defendant can agree to testify against co-conspirators in exchange for a lesser charge or even a dismissal. In those cases, an experienced criminal defense attorney like Keith Gore can work with prosecutors to protect your interests and minimize your exposure to a federal prison sentence.

Contact Federal Drug Defense Attorney Keith Gore

When you are looking at the possibility of federal prison time, you can’t just turn to the closest person with a law license. You need a skilled and experienced federal drug defense attorney like Keith Gore. He will fight for your rights and your freedom, and make sure every defense is considered. Don’t take a chance by waiting to see how things develop. Contact Keith Gore, Lawyer, as soon as you learn you are the target of a federal drug investigation.

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