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The people of Bonham and Fannin County will always be special to attorney Keith Gore. Earlier in his career, he served as a municipal court judge for the city of Trenton, just a few miles away from Bonham. Keith understands the people who live in this area and is proud to defend them against criminal charges and help them keep their lives on track.

Drug and Alcohol Crime Defense in Fannin County

Many small communities around Texas are facing problems with drugs and alcohol. Bonham is not immune from that trend. People struggling with substances are too often caught up in a legal system that focuses on punishment rather than helping them beat addiction.

Whenever possible, Keith looks for alternatives to jail. Having the case dismissed is, of course, the best result, but when that isn’t possible, Keith works toward the next-best outcome.

For example, depending on the offense, you may be eligible for a pretrial diversion program or various types of treatment programs. Completing these programs can keep you out of jail and get you the help you need to address addiction.

Call Keith if you live in Bonham or a surrounding area and are charged with a state or federal offense related to:

Fighting Fraud and Other White-Collar Crime Allegations

Whether it’s a Bonham area business owner, an employee, or a stay-at-home parent, virtually anyone in today’s online world can get caught up in a complicated fraud scheme. Many such crimes, often called white-collar crimes, are financial in nature. They also tend to involve federal laws, which means federal law enforcement and court systems are involved.

If you find yourself accused of a white-collar crime, make sure you talk to an attorney like Keith Gore, who has significant federal court experience. Cases in federal court are different from those in state court, so don’t trust a federal case to just anyone.

Keith has successfully resolved federal and white collar cases involving allegations of:

Additional Legal Services

Keith helps people of the Bonham area with a variety of legal issues that are related to criminal law. For example, he helps parents who are accused of child abuse and neglect protect their rights in proceedings involving Child Protective Services (CPS).

He also helps people deal with issues related to probation violations and revocation, or domestic violence. And, if you were arrested but never convicted, the arrest will still show up on your record, so you may need to get your record cleared up. Keith may be able to help you do that through the expunction process.

Accused of a Crime in Bonham? Contact Defense Attorney Keith Gore Today.

For strong criminal defense in Bonham and throughout Fannin County, look no further than attorney Keith Gore. Put his 25+ years of experience to work for you. Schedule a consultation by calling 972-853-9686 or send Keith a message today.

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