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Fathers’ Rights

Protecting Child Custody Rights For Fathers

When parents are unmarried or separated and considering divorce, the issue of parental rights often comes up. Mothers’ rights versus fathers’ rights get a lot of attention. Historically, mothers were often in caregiving roles while fathers went to work. This is not the case anymore, and many fathers play a much larger role in raising their children. Texas courts are not supposed to take into account gender when making child custody decisions. The best interest of the children is the standard, but even though this is the case, there is still sometimes an implicit bias that must be overcome.

Based in McKinney, Keith Gore, Lawyer, is a North Texas firm with the experience and skill to protect your parental rights. As a tough family law attorney, Keith Gore does not back down and will take a case to court when necessary to protect your rights. Some family law disputes need to be decided by a judge or jury, but it’s crucial to have a strategic attorney to present your strongest case.

Unmarried fathers need to take immediate action to maintain their custody rights after separation. This is because even if they are listed on a birth certificate, they do not have enforceable rights without a court order. This means that the child’s mother can refuse access.

Getting into court as soon as possible can ensure that there is little disruption in your relationship. This is especially important with young children who have shorter memories. And access for grandparents, uncles, aunts and other family members on your side can be cut off as well.

Avoid informal agreements, because they provide no protection. Permission to see your child can be taken away arbitrarily at almost any moment without recourse.

Find out how Keith Gore can help you assert your rights and keep your relationship with your child intact. Call 972-529-2220 or send over an email to start working on a permanent solution.

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