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Holding The Line In Family Law Disputes

Family law issues can start in a couple of ways. You may decide that a relationship no longer works, and you need to leave a spouse or significant other. When you didn’t realize there were serious issues in your relationship and you are blindsided with the service of a summons or divorce petition, it can be even harder. Regardless, you’ll probably feel a broad range of emotions — anger, sadness and sometimes simply relief. The transition to a new normal requires lots of decisions that will affect your future relationships and finances.

During this difficult time, you need to speak with an established family law attorney who can provide accurate legal advice and counsel. Keith Gore is a lawyer with more than 20 years’ experience who knows how to win at trial. Tough issues that arise in divorce or child custody battles can sometimes be resolved without going into a courtroom. If you, however, have reason to worry about the reasonableness of a former spouse or partner, find a lawyer who does not back down.

When Your Family Is Rocked By Conflict

Sleepless nights worrying about the future are common with family law issues. Enlisting the help of an experienced trial attorney is the start of the road to a solution. Keith Gore, Lawyer, is a Texas law firm that can help you solve the following divorce and family law issues:

  • Property division and spousal support issues that often become roadblocks in divorce
  • Contentious child custody and child support matters that can negatively impact your future relationship with a child or children
  • Paternity actions and defense of fathers’ rights
  • Domestic violence situations whether you are requesting protection or fighting false accusations

When confronted with the end of a relationship, seek out legal help as soon as possible. This can sometimes change the focus to solutions for moving forward rather than getting stuck fighting for the sake of fighting.

A Trusted Lawyer

Over his career, Keith has received numerous peer-reviewed awards and recognition. And as a true testament to his legal abilities, other attorneys refer some of the most complicated matters to him.

Find out how Keith Gore can help you by calling his McKinney office at 972-853-9686 or stay online and send a message.

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