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What Clients Say

I would like to offer my endorsement of Keith Gore as an outstanding defense attorney. When faced with a Class A misdemeanor I contacted Keith when I was first interviewed by a detective concerning the charges. From the first meeting to the final expungement Keith’s professionalism, thoroughness and skill in the courtroom were exceptional.

– Criminal Defense Client

Mr. Gore represented me on a DWI case. This was my first, and thankfully my only, time to be put in the situation. Mr. Gore put me at ease and had me focus on the facts. He helped walk me through what happened and helped relieve the stress that was building inside me. Through his expertise in questioning the arresting officer and through his ability to understand my point of view, Mr. Gore was able to get me a verdict of not guilty. Furthermore, he got my record expunged. Without him I can’t even imagine how that situation would have negatively impacted my life. I can’t say enough about how great Mr. Gore is and how much I owe him. Also, just so you know, he prefers Keith.

– DWI Defense Client

I was charged with injury to a child in Collin County. The police called it “shaken baby syndrome.” The prosecutor wanted me to plead guilty to 40 years. Keith worked overtime on my case, did his own investigation, met with me and my family, and took my case to trial. After a week-long jury trial in Collin County, the jury said NOT GUILTY! I am forever grateful for everything Keith did for me and my family!

– S.D., Criminal Defense Client

Keith represented me in a federal, white-collar case involving money-laundering and bank fraud. I was also indicted for mortgage fraud and obstruction of justice. Keith obtained a dismissal of the mortgage fraud and obstruction charges and resolved the other charges to my complete satisfaction. Thank you, Keith!

– B.B.H., Criminal Defense Client

Before I met Keith, another lawyer advised me to plead guilty to sexual assault of a child. I had to register as a sex offender. I came to Keith because I got bad advice. I didn’t do the crime and wanted my life back. I hired Keith and he successfully challenged my plea getting me a new trial. Keith then took my case to trial in Collin County and we won! Now the case is expunged from my record and I have my life back thanks to Keith!

– T.M.W., Criminal Defense Client

I hired Keith to represent my daughter in a federal drug conspiracy case. Keith identified a legal problem with the police officer’s investigation and obtained a full dismissal! My daughter has a new chance at life now. Our family is forever grateful!

– A.R., Criminal Defense Client

I was in the process of selling one of my businesses and was arrested for driving while intoxicated. Even though it was just a misdemeanor, a conviction would have disrupted the sale. I hired Keith Gore to defend me. After a grueling trial before the court, the judge declared me “not guilty.” Thanks to Keith’s diligence and dedication, I was able to put that nightmare behind me and scale-up my professional career.

– W.J., Criminal Defense Client

I was charged with continuous sexual abuse of a child in Collin County. I hired Keith after my first trial ended in a hung jury. I wasn’t happy with my first lawyer’s performance, so I hired Keith to represent me in the retrial. After working on my case and preparing my defense for over a year, Keith obtained a dismissal of the charges, so I did not have to go to trial again! I wish I had hired Keith at the beginning. What a miracle!

– O.N., Criminal Defense Client

I taught school in a North Texas school district for 21 years. A student accused me of improper touching. I was suspended from my job. Keith Gore stepped in with laser focus, got the charges dropped, and gave me back my career!

– P.L.R., Criminal Defense Client

I was arrested for murder but it was self-defense. The police didn’t believe me, but Keith did. Keith got the grand jury to “no bill” the charge. I won the case and didn’t have to go to court! Keith helped me through the worst time in my life. Thank you, thank you!

– O.D., Criminal Defense Client

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