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Criminal Defense in Melissa and Anna

Criminal Defense Attorney Serving Melissa and Anna

If you’ve been accused of a crime in Melissa and Anna, or any nearby Texas community, make sure you find a local defense attorney. A local lawyer knows these cities and towns and understands how different types of criminal cases are handled in local courts.

Instead of relying on a downtown Dallas criminal defense attorney, turn to Keith Gore. Keith has decades of experience representing clients in Melissa and Anna. His office is in McKinney, only 20 minutes away from each town, and just a few miles from the Collin County Courthouse and several municipal courts.

Keith has a strong reputation in the area’s legal community and is known for his strategic approach to defending clients.

Protecting You Against Criminal Charges in Melissa and Anna

Keith Gore has 25 years of experience handling criminal cases in the area, including time as a prosecutor and a municipal judge. He can see a case from every angle and offer sound advice at every turn. Keith can defend you against a wide range of charges, including allegations of:

  • Assault
  • Drug crimes ranging from possessing small amounts of marijuana to selling and manufacturing large quantities of drugs
  • DWI, including first offense DWI and repeat offenses
  • Sex crimes including sexual assault, child sexual abuse, and more

Keith also represents juveniles and can guide you and your family through Texas’s unique juvenile justice system. Common juvenile matters Keith handles include sex crimes, possession, theft crimes, assault, and drug offenses. He will help you navigate both the legal system and any school disciplinary proceedings the child may face.

Federal and White-Collar Criminal Defense

White-collar crimes are often handled in federal court, which means people from Melissa and Anna who are accused of such offenses may wind up in the US District Court in Dallas, Sherman, or Ft. Worth.

Federal rules and procedures are very different from state court, so anyone accused of a federal crime needs to find a qualified lawyer who practices in federal court frequently. Keith Gore is that lawyer.

Keith is known for developing strategic, comprehensive defenses for clients facing serious federal white-collar charges, including:

Trust Your Case to a Local Defense Lawyer

Keith Gore is devoted to helping people overcome criminal charges. If you are from Melissa and Anna, or any surrounding town, do yourself a favor and get representation from Keith, a local attorney who knows how to get things done in this area.

Call Keith at 972-853-9686 or send him a message to arrange a consultation. He responds quickly and can even meet clients at local jails if necessary.

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