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Why late summer into early fall is a dangerous time for drivers

Why late summer into early fall is a dangerous time for drivers

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Jul 18, 2019


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For many Texans, late summer into early fall is a favorite time of the year. Families take the opportunity to get away and relax, while excitement slowly builds for football season.

For those same reasons, it’s also a period notorious for drunk and dangerous driving. Here are some things you should keep in mind as you plan to enjoy these months.

August is generally bad

August has a reputation as being one of the most dangerous months of the year for drivers, with more crashes – and more auto accident deaths – during that 31-day stretch than any other month. Why is that the case?

School hasn’t started up yet and many people choose to go on vacation, meaning there may be more vehicles on the road than in other months. It’s a good idea to take extra care if you’re out driving during this time.

Labor Day uptick in drunk driving

Labor Day weekend almost always sees an uptick in drunk driving incidents. Which is why most years, the Texas Department of Public Safety and local law enforcement agencies around the state increase traffic enforcement from that Friday through to Monday.

That means law enforcement officers are out there looking to catch drivers who are breaking the law. Drunk driving is certainly a concern, but they also look for violations such as distracted driving, speeding and people not wearing a seat belt.

Football kickoff

Of course, August also signals the very beginning of football season. Whether it’s college football Saturday or NFL Sunday, fans will consume plenty of cold beer along with the game.

Whether it’s people traveling to and from the stadium to watch in-person, or heading to a get-together to enjoy watching with friends, more drinking means more opportunities to drive while over the legal limit. It also means law enforcement may be keeping a closer eye out for drunk drivers on game days.

The best way to avoid a DWI is to not drive if you’ve had anything to drink. Make plans to get home safely, whether it’s a lift from a sober friend or a ride share service.

Enjoy this wonderful time of the year. Just make sure to do it safely. You don’t want to end up with all the fines and penalties that come with a DWI – and you certainly don’t want to suffer an even worse outcome.

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