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How may you protect your child from sexual abuse?

How may you protect your child from sexual abuse?

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Dec 26, 2019


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Child abuse is a menace that is destroying families in Texas. The Children’s Advocacy Centers of Texas indicates that out of 7.4 million children in the state, 740,000 may be victims of child abuse. No rules govern who becomes a victim. Your child may become a victim of sexual violence regardless of your religion, culture, race, or social-economic group. Even without a definite way to protect your child from sexual abuse, there are actions you may take to reduce the risk.

According to an article on Rainn, you need to take an active interest in the life of your child. Being involved in your child’s life makes it easier for you to spot warning signs of abuse. Your child may as well feel comfortable telling you the problems they are facing, thus allowing you to take the appropriate action. It would help if you also got to know the people your child is spending time with, such as friends and adults.

Make sure you are familiar with the warning signs of child abuse and observe if your child is portraying any of them. Please encourage your child to speak up when something makes them uncomfortable. It is essential to educate your child on the boundaries of the body by letting them know that no one has the right to touch them inappropriately. Also, you should teach your child about the human body so that they may report to you in detail whenever someone tries to abuse them sexually.

It may be hard to detect the physical signs of sexual abuse since many perpetrators avoid physically harming a victim to hide the offense. They may continue with their heinous act for some time. Children tend to report the violation after some days have passed.

This information is only for educative uses. It is not legal advice.

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