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How drug convictions endanger financial aid eligibility

How drug convictions endanger financial aid eligibility

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Dec 12, 2019


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Many Texas families currently utilize federal financial aid to help send their children to college, and if you are among them, you may understand all too well just how vital this financial assistance may be to your child’s future. Unfortunately, there are a number of actions your child may take that have the potential to jeopardize his or her ability to use financial aid, and using, possessing or selling drugs are among them. Keith Gore is highly familiar in the ways in which drug convictions may impact financial aid eligibility, and he has helped many college students and their families fight against drug charges that could potentially lead to a loss of aid.

According to U.S. News & World Report, just about any type of drug conviction has the capacity to disqualify your child from receiving the financial aid he or she needs for school. A simple possession conviction, for example, may lead to a loss of financial aid eligibility, and so, too, might a conviction for drug sales. However, the more serious the drug offense is, the longer you should expect your college student to remain ineligible for aid.

For example, if authorities convict your child on a possession charge after finding him or her with a small personal stash of illegal drugs, his or her period of financial aid ineligibility may not last more than one year. More serious drug offenses, though, may lead to a two- or three-year loss of aid, and in some cases, your student may not be able to utilize financial aid for school ever again.

Ultimately, the time of your child’s drug arrest matters, and it plays a substantial role in determining whether your son or daughter will lose access to federal aid. Only arrests made while your child was an active recipient of financial aid count, meaning that arrests made before the school year officially begins generally are not going to lead to a loss of aid at all. Learn more about drug charges on our webpage.

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