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Here’s what you shouldn’t do while under investigation

Here’s what you shouldn’t do while under investigation

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Dec 28, 2017



It was a surprise to you to find out that you were under investigation for fraud. Now, you’re not sure what you should do. Should you always cooperate? Should you search for any unusual paperwork and submit it to investigators?

If you’re under a federal investigation, take heed. You need to make sure you’re defended well and that you don’t speak out of turn. Saying or doing something without understanding the implications could end up getting you into deep trouble when that wasn’t the intention.

What shouldn’t you do if you’re under investigation for fraud?

The first, and maybe most obvious thing, is to avoid hiding or tampering with evidence. If you get caught, you’ll face harsher penalties than if you left everything alone. For example, if you try to hide a set of documents but you’re discovered on security footage, you could also be accused of interfering with the investigation.

The next thing you shouldn’t do is lose your temper. While it might make you angry that you’re being investigated, showing that you aren’t level-headed won’t help you. It may even make some people investigate you more closely. Additionally, you could be accused of other crimes if you’re violent or aggressive with investigators or the police.

What should you do if you’re accused of fraud?

If you’re accused, call your attorney immediately. You have a right to an attorney, and it’s a right you should use. Your attorney can talk to you about what’s happening and find out what the specific charges are. Your attorney will have information about plea deals available if you are guilty of the crime or may have ways of helping you become someone who is not of interest to the authorities.

Facing charges is hard, but there are ways to make it easier on yourself. Be cautious of how you act, and be prepared to talk to your attorney quickly.

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