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Don’t rack up a DWI this winter holiday season

Don’t rack up a DWI this winter holiday season

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Nov 21, 2018


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It’s not your imagination if you think you’re seeing more law enforcement officers on the Texas highways and secondary roads. Beginning with Thanksgiving weekend and extending through the New Year’s holiday, there is an increased police presence designed to keep motorists from driving drunk.

One offshoot of these efforts is a public awareness campaign that puts cars from DWI collisions on display for the public to view the havoc that bad driving decisions can wreak.

The smashed automobiles to be displayed will rotate though different North Texas locations each weekend in December. The intent is to remind motorists of the dangers of driving after drinking alcohol.

The numbers don’t lie

The spokesman for AAA relayed some grim statistics for our state. He said that in 2017, “1,024 people [were] killed by drunk drivers [with] 95 . . . in Dallas County.”

To reduce those numbers, the Dallas County DWI Taskforce will be collaborating with city officials and other police departments in North Texas to target those who decide to drink and drive.

Don’t get a DWI this holiday season

When law enforcement casts such a wide net, it’s easy for drivers to get caught up in it. They may not even feel that they are impaired, yet still could wind up charged with DWI.

If you’re planning on drinking at a holiday function, arrange a sober ride home ahead of time. With Lyft and Uber services in most areas, this is easier than ever before. You might also want to consider asking your host to allow you to sleep off the effects of the alcohol that you consume before heading for home.

Should a police officer pull you over on suspicion of drunk driving, how you respond to the questions they ask can determine the trajectory of what will ensue. Police typically ask, “How many drinks have you had tonight?” While you should never lie to the police, you should also understand that you are not compelled to answer any of their questions. Ditto for those roadside sobriety tests that are almost impossible to pass even when 100 percent sober.

Instead, politely decline and ask to speak to your criminal defense attorney before responding to further queries from law enforcement.

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