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Blackout Wednesday and Thanksgiving are just around the corner

Blackout Wednesday and Thanksgiving are just around the corner

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Nov 1, 2017


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Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and with it, the start of a busy drunk driving season. With so many holidays between now and the end of the year, it’s not unusual for the police to have their hands full.

Fortunately, there are many options for staying out of trouble with the law. Getting a ride home through a ride-sharing service, staying at a local hotel or staying overnight wherever you plan to drink can all keep you out of the way of the law.

Is Thanksgiving a dangerous drinking holiday?

The night before Thanksgiving is called “Blackout Wednesday.” People tend to come into town to see their families and know they have the next day off work, so they drink more than they should. Add to that the high number of people on the roads, and you see why that is extremely dangerous.

In addition, people often drink and continue to visit family throughout the next few days. Traffic deaths around Thanksgiving weekend average out at around 400 deaths each year.

What can you do to lower the risk of an accident?

One good option is to avoid drinking altogether if possible. Seasonal drinks, such as eggnog, come in non-alcoholic varieties, so it’s possible to have what you enjoy and avoid intoxication.

If drinking a few glasses of wine isn’t enough for you, plan to stay at the home of the person you’re visiting or get a ride. If you’re the person hosting, keep track of who has had drinks and don’t let them leave if they’re intoxicated. Remember, coffee doesn’t sober someone up, only time does.

With so many alternatives to getting behind the wheel, the police and courts aren’t lenient on drunk drivers. Play it safe this year and get a ride if you plan to drink.

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