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2 men arrested in million-dollar drug busts

2 men arrested in million-dollar drug busts

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Sep 6, 2019


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Individuals under investigation for drug charges in Texas must understand that they can face prosecution from state and federal law enforcement authorities. It is also important to know the procedures these authorities use when seeking arrests. This typically involves knowing how search and arrest warrants get used during criminal investigations.

Kleberg County Sheriff’s Office and the federal Drug Enforcement Administration made two major drug busts over the course of two days. Channel 3 kiii TV ABC reports that officers arrived at the home of a 24-year-old male. Equipped with a warrant, law enforcement entered and searched the house. They seized weapons, money, jewelry and illegal drugs. Additional items seized included a utility trailer and several vehicles. Authorities arrested the young man. Forty-eight hours later another drug bust occurred.

Officers stopped a 29-year-old male who was driving northbound on Highway 77. Law enforcement officials had a search warrant. After the young man agreed to have his vehicle searched, authorities retrieved wrapped bundles of cocaine. The drugs have an estimated value of $1 million. Like the other male, he was also arrested.

The two men face charges for alleged money laundering and drug trafficking. Kleberg County officials and the DEA are still investigating these cases. The report did not mention how long these men were under surveillance. Additionally, there was no mention of whether the two men know each other.

If anyone faces drug-related charges in Texas, it might be a good move to speak with an attorney. This can provide guidance into understanding state and federal criminal procedures, especially as it relates to search and arrest warrants.

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